Now Accepting Book Reviews – Helping Authors and Readers to Connect

If you’re an author, you can submit your book for me to review!

I’ll post a review on the blog and two other places: Amazon, Good Reads or Barnes & Noble. Or if you have another site you prefer, you can request it. I may or may not be able to post a review onto other sites.

Once your review has been approved, I’ll let you know an estimated time of when you can expect the review to be ready. If you haven’t heard from me within 4 days of submitting your review please use the contact form to contact me.

What’s the benefit of reviews on this site? Aside from the exposure for the authors, it’s a great way for readers to discover new books! I love reading and it’s always fun to find new authors. I would love to share some of my favorites with you!

To find out more about how to submit a review see the Reviews tab at the top of the page! You will also find the submission form there!

I look forward to reviewing your books! In the meantime, I will begin posting reviews of books that I’ve already read that you might enjoy.  I’ll continue to post reviews of books that I’ve read that haven’t been submitted just because I want to help promote authors that I love and help readers find new books!

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10 thoughts on “Now Accepting Book Reviews – Helping Authors and Readers to Connect

    1. Stacy Claflin
      Post author

      Hi Sarah,
      I’m open to different genres. I’ve reviewed quite a few nonfiction books on my personal development site (Grow With Stacy). Feel free to tell me about them in the submission form and I’d be happy to take a look!

      Thanks for your interest!
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  1. Sandy Appleyard

    Hi Stacy,

    I can’t tell you how glad I am that you’re willing to do reviews. You’re the first person I’ve seen so far, and I thank you so much for this opportunity for someone who otherwise would have no easy way of getting a review. I’ve submitted my form, but I didn’t see where I can send you the book. Did I miss it somewhere?

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    1. Stacy Claflin
      Post author

      Hi Sandy,

      I’m glad that you’re interested in doing reviews! I’ve found a few other bloggers who are offer reviews so I want to give it a try too. I was really grateful that they were willing to review my book and I want to do that for others. If you’re in the same genre, I’d be happy to point you in their direction.

      I should clarify on my form that when I approve the review submissions, I will ask for the file to be emailed.

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