Mad Reviewer 2013 Book Challenge


I’ve already started reading and reviewing books so the Mad Reviewer’s book challenge is right up my alley!

Are you up for the challenge?

These are the goals to choose from: (I’m going for the gold, but we’ll see!)

1. Mad Reviewer: 104 books in one year. (2 books a week all year.)

2. Crazy Reviewer: 52 books in one year. (1 book a week all year.)

3. Slightly Sane Reviewer: 26 books in one year. (1 book every fortnight all year.)

4. Sane Reviewer: 12 books in one year. (1 book every month all year.)

For codes that you can use on your blog to keep track of your progress check out The Masquerade Crew‘s post about the challenge. You can also check the Mad Reviewer‘s original post and check out all the rules.

Edited: My new goal is the crazy reviewer. 

Image by slightly everything

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