Review: Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton

It’s been a while since I’ve read through a book as quickly as I read through Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton. In the beginning we meet Triss who discovers that her mom has gone missing. Her mom belongs to a coven of witches who quickly declare her mom dead and rush to have a memorial service. Triss feels like she’s the only one who believes her mom is still alive.

Right after the memorial service, a strange transparent being goes after Triss. She barely gets away and arrives at her home looking like a total disaster. The members of the coven, of which Triss is about to join, speak poorly of her which causes her to further distrust the coven.

The story continues as Triss struggles with making decisions about her life without her mom, the guilt of falling in love when she feels like she should be focusing on her mom, and deciding whether or not to join the coven.

Although it wasn’t packed with action and adventure, it was hard to put down. It was well written and very enjoyable. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!

5 Stars

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