Review: What the Plus by Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is convinced that Google Plus is the best social media platform around. Can he convince you, too? In What the Plus! he sets out to do just that.

Like anyone else, I really don’t need another social media network. But then again, that’s why I stayed away from Pinterest – and I love Pinterest. I wasn’t going to read this book because I had no intentions of doing anything with Google Plus, even though I do keep hearing about cool features from other bloggers. But after reading APE by Kawasaki, I wanted to give it a read.

If you’ve read his book APE: Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur some of this information will sound familiar because Guy shared how authors can use G+ to serve them in various aspects of creating, publishing and marketing their books. There is plenty of information in What the Plus that isn’t in APE that it’s worth it to get the book to learn the full functionality of Google Plus.

What the Plus is written in an easy to read way with plenty of humor and good information to keep the book interesting.  Guy shares what makes G+ unique and in many cases, better, than Facebook, Twitter, and the others. He compares it to Mac, much better than the competition but less used.

I have to admit, I am impressed – G+ has a lot to offer that other guys are lacking. In fact, yesterday Facebook asked me to participate in a survey and I gave them some tips that they could learn from G+ that I’d just learned from the book!

I’ve been dipping my toes in the waters of G+ as I’ve been reading the book and I’m looking forward to spending more time there. It’s much cooler than I first thought!

Oh and as far as it being a how-to guide, it’s very well done in that respect too.

5 Stars

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