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I’m getting ready to release Betrayal very soon! I’m putting together a blog tour and a launch team. If you would like to participate in either or both, please read on for details.


About Betrayal:

Alexis returns to her family after being abducted by the powerful Moretti’s. She’s much more confident now that she’s learning to embrace her role as the long-awaited Sonnast.

She stumbles upon evidence that Francine is acting upon her threat to wage war. When she returns to school, a handsome new teacher takes an unusual interest in her. She believes he’s hiding something because there appears to be a link between the pending war and the teacher’s secret.

Alexis has decided between the two guys that she loves, but the other one isn’t ready to give up so easily. He’s determined to win her over at any cost, even if he must risk his life.

When Alexis finally reunites with her birth parents, she discovers a heavily guarded secret about herself which is connected to a deadly curse. Once again her entire world is turned upside down. She’s been misled and betrayed, but she won’t take it sitting down. She’s going to fight for what’s hers despite the obstacles or the consequences.


Blog Tour

The Blog Tour for Betrayal will run from Monday, March 18th to Friday, March 22nd. (My birthday week!)

There are different ways to participate:

  • Write a book review for either of my two books in the series (Deception or Betrayal). Review copies will be provided upon request. If you’ve already read Deception, you can request Betrayal because it’s next in the series. Otherwise, please request Deception.
  • Author interview – you provide the questions and I’ll answer them for you.
  • Character interview – provide interview questions for one of the characters in the books and the character will answer them.
  • Write a post announcing the release of Betrayal. I’ll provide images and other information that you need.

To participate, fill out the form below:

*Please note that at this time, the interview spots have all been filled.

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Launch Team

I’m also putting together a launch team. These are people who will help me to promote the book when it’s released. This includes tweeting, sharing, blogging, writing reviews on Amazon, etc. However you can help is greatly appreciated!

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3 thoughts on “Betrayal Blog Tour Sign Ups

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  2. Adrienne

    Wow Stacy, this sounds exciting.

    I’m still so amazed that you’re already cranked out two books back to back and I know you’ve got another one going. You’re amazing and I can see you have the gift of story telling.

    This isn’t exactly my niche or I would help but I’m sure I don’t have to wish you luck. You’ll do fabulously.

    Adrienne invites you to read… My Favorite Social Sharing Plugin, Share Juice ProMy Profile


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