Review: Available Darkness Episode 7

Platt and Wright are back with their serialized fiction. I quickly read through the first season of Available Darkness and now I’m excited after months of waiting for season two.

This is a great introduction to the new season! We were left wondering at the end of the first season…what happened to everyone? Now, we’re able to see what they’re all up to and there were some great new twists and turns brought in.

In episode seven, we’re brought back into the world of John, Abigail, and Hope. Of course, we’re left with a fantastic cliff-hanger, but thankfully the wait is only a week. Or if you don’t have as much reading lined up as I do, you can pick up the entire second season and read it right away! Awesome choices: read each episode for free every week or buy the entire season and get it all at once!

5 Stars

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