Review: Troublesome Neighbors

Troublesome Neighbors by M.K. Theodoratus was an enjoyable and interesting read, even though it’s not my typical genre. Renna was a strong main character and I thought it was well written. It was a quick read and a good start to the series.

4 Stars

Description: Lady Renna’s powerful magic helped win the Half-Elven Rebellion. Now she’s caught between the two factions fighting for control of the Marches — Lord Gorsfeld’s who would be king and Renna’s partner or Linden’s who was chosen ruler by vote of the Half-Elven. Most people dismiss her because they don’t see beyond her small stature and crippled gait. But Renna’s lands lie at the confluence of two important mountain rivers that is on the border of Lord Gorsfeld’s lands. Renna ignores the plotting because she cares more for weaving than fighting over political control of the Marches.

After Renna rejects Lord Gorsfeld’s suit because she find his lack of elven skills repulsive, his men start vandalizing her villages. Renna is expected to protect her people, but she dithers, using her weaving projects as an excuse. Her steward, Krisran, is irritated with Renna. Her friend, Mariah, tries to pull her into the wider conflict to stop Gorsfeld’s ambitions to become king. Instead, Renna searches for a way to strike back at Gorsfeld on her own terms.

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