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This is the fourth day of the Betrayal blog tour! Today I’m sharing a deleted scene. Like movies that delete scenes for the sake of time, authors have to delete scenes too. I always enjoy seeing deleted scenes from movies, so I hope that you’ll enjoy reading a deleted scene from Betrayal!

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On Monday, I hosted an interview with Alexis Ferguson, the main character in the series, Tuesday I shared a fun excerpt, and yesterday was an interview with Amanda, the best friend of Alexis.

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Deleted Scene

“Do you really think that you’re ready to go back to school?” my mom asked me while we were all eating lunch at a restaurant.

“I think so,” I said. “Clara, Natalie, Cliff, and Tanner will all be there too. So I’m sure I can handle anything—even Emma and her friends.”

“We can take them,” Clara said. “But with everything that you’ve been through, I’m sure that people will be nice to you anyway.”

“You’ll be back to being the most popular girl at school again,” Natalie agreed. “Everyone is so curious about how you’re doing after your abduction. Everyone’s tone has changed about you, Alexis. The whole town came together and everyone was so worried. You should have seen the vigils in the park every night.”

“She’s right,” said my dad. “The entire town supported us while you were gone, even complete strangers. We even became close to the Monroe’s during that time.”

“So many people brought flowers and other gifts. They even came in the mail from around the country,” said my mom.

“It’s too bad that it took me being abducted for people at school to come around,” I said. “Before that, nobody would listen to me and they all treated me horribly because of those stupid rumors. Now I’m supposed to just forget all of that?”

“I’m sure that they feel badly about that,” my mom told me. “Everyone was so worried about you and Tanner. I’m sure that you can find it in your heart to forgive them.”

My heart, that was a joke. Would I even be capable of forgiveness after the way I had been treated?

“Are we going straight home after this?” Natalie asked, setting her fork down.

“We have one stop and then we can go home,” my dad said.

“Where?” Natalie asked, with a whine in her tone. I wondered why she was so eager to get back home.

“Alexis has a doctor’s appointment,” he muttered, looking away.

“What?” I exclaimed. “I told you guys that I’m fine! I don’t need to see a doctor!”

“We just want to make sure that you’re as good as you say. You’ve hardly said anything about what the abductors did to you, and we want to make sure that you’re okay.”

“Seriously, you guys are overreacting!” I exclaimed. “Look at me, I’m fine!” I waved my hands up and down my sides, trying to show them how normal I was.

“She’s obviously healthy enough to argue with you,” Natalie said. “Just cancel the appointment. She looks great to me.”

“You two aren’t talking me out of this,” Dad said.

I looked at Clara for some help. She had a way of calming my parents that Natalie and I lacked.

Clara looked in my eyes, and without moving her mouth, she told me, Use mind control.

Okay. I turned, looked at my dad in the eyes and said slowly, “I am doing fantastic, I—”

Clara kicked me under the table and started coughing. Use it with the doctors!

I raised an eyebrow. The Doctors? Why? Why not my parents?

Not here in public, wait until you have more experience. Trust me.

I sighed. “Okay, dad. If it’s that important to you I’ll just go and then you can see that I’m fine.”

He smiled. “Thank you, honey.”

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