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I recently had the pleasure to read Blood Debt by Nancy Straight since I’m taking part in her book tour. I loved the book, and I’m sure that you’ll love it too! You’ll have to wait a week to read my review, though, until it’s my date on the tour.

Blood Debt Description

Her whole life, it had just been the two of them. Before her mother’s last breath, she gave Camille the information she had craved her entire life: the identity of her father. Daring to contact him, Camille was welcomed by an entire family she never knew existed. But nothing comes without a price, as she discovers when her family claims a legendary heritage tracing back to a centaur touched by Zeus.

As she learns the secrets of her Centaur bloodline, she is drawn into a forbidden love with Drake. Her life may be the blood debt required to pay for her mother’s transgressions. The same person who once held her mother captive, and forced her into decades of hiding, now controls Camille. Her only chance is to seek a piece of her mother’s past that will win her freedom and the life she desperately wants.

Nancy Straight


Nancy, thanks for spending a few minutes here with us! I’m so glad that you’re here.

Hi Stacy, thanks so much for letting me stop by your blog today!!

What’s your story? How did you get into writing?

*Laughter echoes in the room* It was the combination of two events. Event one: I used to work with a lawyer who I had a great deal of respect for. We were working together one afternoon, he set a pile of papers on the table I had written, looked me square in the eye, and said, “Mrs. Straight, you are one of the most compelling writers I’ve ever met.” Keep in mind, what he was reading was work-related and a full ten on the boring scale. His compliment was unexpected and flattering, I filed it away.

The second event was when I finished reading Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight Series. She was able to elicit every major emotion I had felt in my life, in just four books. When I put Breaking Dawn down, I was wholeheartedly inspired and I began writing.

Wow, that’s a really unique story! You definitely have talent! Please tell us how you reached the level of success that you have. What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

My goodness, I’ve learned so much in the last two years. Here are some of the things I think apply to all authors regardless of genre.

1. Find YOUR fans. Don’t get me wrong, finding anyone to read and review for you when you’re just starting out can be difficult, but not every book is for every person. You’re always better off finding fans who love the genre you write in.
2. Covers are critical. Make sure your cover is just as attractive when it’s the size of a quarter because that’s the size most people will see it.
3. Make friends with other authors in your genre. Writing is one of the few professions in the world where there is NO competition. A reader will never love just one book. Most authors who love your work will go out of their way to help by recommending you to their fans.
4. Schedule a blog tour. The more exposure you get, the better.
5. Make sure you have a social media presence. Facebook, twitter, blog, etc.
6. Keep writing. Don’t get discouraged when your first month’s sales are 3. Everyone starts out there.
7. Book reviews are an opinion of your work, not a reflection on you as a person. Not every book is for every person (I said that already, right?). Although mean-spirited reviews can make you question your decision to be a writer, force you to make a quick trip to the store for a box of tissues, and tempt you to defend yourself – they are just an opinion. I guarantee there is a five star review right around the corner that will make your heart soar again.
8. Read John Locke’s book, “How I sold a million ebooks in 5 months.” It’ll be the best $3 you ever spend. I haven’t sold a million books, but his book is a GREAT place to start.

That’s great advice, thank you! What are you working on now?

Would you believe I had never watched Vampire Diaries? *gasps sound* I know, I know – I’ve been living under a rock. In all seriousness, my life has been consumed with writing the last couple years and I wanted to celebrate when I finished Centaur Rivalry (the third book in the Touched Series). I bought the first three seasons of Vampire Diaries and watched them ALL!! I’m envious of authors who are able to write multiple series simultaneously – I’m not one of them, so my focus will remain on the Touched Series until it is complete with five planned books. Now that my break is over, I’m fully immersed in Centaur Redemption.
It was a real pleasure being here today!
Happy Writing!

Thank you so much! The pleasure was mine!

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                1. Nancy Straight

                  First off – Stacy – thanks so much for letting me stop by today!! I’m excited to see your review of Blood Debt this week!

                  Alicia – I’m an independent author, too. This is the route I recommend to most authors, but you have hit on one of the most difficult parts: finding readers. Goodreads is a great place to find readers who like your genre. Many of the groups on Goodreads have read-to-review threads. The author can give away copies to readers who are willing to read and write an honest review afterwards. Independent authors rely on word-of-mouth advertising. Promotional giveaways are also a way to find readers. Barnes and Noble and Amazon use an intelligent algorithm that help a lot, you see it as a recommendation toward the bottom of the page, “Others who bought this book also bought . . . “

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