Authors – I want to Feature You!

Hey authors – yeah you. I want to feature you on my blog!

I’ll send you some interview questions, then you send me the answers along with some links, and then I’ll feature you soon! How does that sound?

Just fill out the form below so I know where to send the questions:

6 thoughts on “Authors – I want to Feature You!

  1. Dr Ryan York

    Hi Stacy,
    I recently published a golf instructional book
    “The Golfing Good Life: Golf Instruction for Golfers Over 50”

    Not sure if you are open to this type of book. If not, no worries. Thanks for your time!

    Dr Ryan York
    Age Defying Golf

  2. Emily Casey

    Ooh, I have a couple zombie fairy tales out! Cinderella and Zombies is probably more your style. I also have Snow White and Zombies.
    Emilycaseysmusings at gmail

  3. Ad Man

    Hello – Also not sure if you only want fiction? This is a Memoir: AD-MAN:True Stories from the Golden Age of Advertising – you could say it’s a real “Mad Man” story! It\’s just plain fun (also tragic), and historical. (The perfect Father’s Day Kindle Gift.) (www.admantruestories) A TV interview is on that link — will help you decide if you would like to interview.Let me know if I can answer any questions! All best, AM — P.S. Good luck with your writing!


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