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What’s your story? How did you get into writing?

I’ve been writing fiction since childhood. I wrote my first story, The Curse of the White Witch, in third grade, and by fifth grade, I was writing my own mystery series. I loved reading when I was growing up, especially mystery novels and suspense books with supernatural themes like those by Lois Duncan, R.L. Stine, and Christopher Pike, and those reading and writing habits got me on the right path.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

I recommend joining a critique group or finding critique partners, taking writing classes, networking with other authors on Yahoo groups and message board forums, and educating yourself about marketing. Read books about social networking as a marketing tool, branding yourself, blogging, and how to promote yourself as an author.

What are you working on now?

I’m finishing up a sweet romance/romantic comedy for adults inspired by the Cinderella theme.

What has been the most challenging part of publishing or marketing your book?
I have found the young adult books harder to market than the adult books. Not as many teens and middle graders have e-readers or are listening to audiobooks, so I’m always looking for fresh ways to get the word out to kids about Face-Off and Dark Before Dawn.

What has been your favorite part?

My favorite part is the excitement of launching a new book and seeing the positive reviews come in. I love when someone takes the time to leave a review or send me a note saying that the book entertained them and they were glad they had a chance to read it.

Who are your favorite authors?

JK Rowling is probably my favorite author as I admire what she accomplished with the Harry Potter series. My favorite book growing up was The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and that remains a favorite to this day. I’ve always enjoyed Mary Higgins Clark and need to catch up on her latest. Thanks to my e-reader, I’m always discovering new authors that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

What gave you the idea for your current work?

I got the idea for Dark Before Dawn when I worked for a newspaper and was interviewing a local psychic. The “What ifs” started in my mind: what if she taught psychic classes to teenagers and their parents didn’t know? What if her intentions weren’t pure? What if the teens were social outcasts and she could use that to her advantage? What if a new girl moved to town and gets involved with this group, testing her morals?

If you could be any character in the book, which one would you be?

Dawn has had a tough life, losing her father at a young age and dealing with the stress of sometimes knowing about sad things before they happen yet not being able to do anything to prevent it. I certainly wouldn’t want to be her, but it might be interesting to try out her psychic skills for a week or two. Especially the mind control. I wouldn’t mind using mind control to have someone come in to clean my house and cook!

What other books have you written and/or are working on for the future?

I’ve published two adult mystery/romantic suspense novels, Twenty-Five Years ago Today and Sink or Swim. Twenty-Five Years Ago Today is about a newspaper editorial assistant who investigates a 25-year-old murder and falls for the victim’s nephew, while Sink or Swim is about a reality show contestant who attracts a stalker after returning to her normal life as a personal trainer. My young adult novel Face-Off, originally published when I was 18, tells the story of twin brothers Brad and T.J., hockey stars who battle on and off the ice when they are forced to play on the same team. I’ve also published the children’s books The Flag Keeper and the Teddy Bear Town Children’s Bundle. My new romantic comedy should be out later this year and I also plan to write some spinoff short stories to the book. I’ll also be working on the sequel to Face-Off.

What’s your favorite quote?

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent by Eleanor Roosevelt. It’s a good quote for my girls in Dark Before Dawn to learn and absorb.

What’s your favorite supernatural creature?


Dark Before Dawn:

When teen psychic Dawn Christian gets involved with a fortuneteller mentor and two girls who share her mysterious talents, she finally belongs after years of being a misfit. When she learns her new friends may be tied to freak “accidents” in town, Dawn has an important choice to make – continue developing the talent that makes her special or challenge the only people who have ever accepted her.

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