Annamarie and Magdelena Tour

Annamarie and Magdalena Tour

Synopsis: “Annamarie and Magdalena” is a supernatural thriller that begins where “Gypsy Spirits” ended. Annamarie walks home from the ordeal in the pines. Certain no one will ever know of her involvement, she tries to settle into the home she inherited from Daniel’s grandfather just two weeks earlier.

Daniel, refusing to accept his own death, has other ideas, and he joins his spirit with the spirit of his best friend, Garret, and an evil man Daniel had planned on killing. What Daniel doesn’t count on is that Annamarie is protected by her great-grandmother Magdalena’s spirit, and her Gypsy spirit family. Annamarie’s unexpected pregnancy drive Daniel to plot to steal his child while Magdalena does all she can to protect mother and child.

Daniel’s evil follows and torments Annamarie in every aspect of her life. Magdalena with the aid of Josef, Annamarie’s great-grandfather, begins a vicious battle of the spirits. Will good win over evil? Will Daniel’s evil be contained? Who will survive? Will Annamarie’s baby be safe or a victim of her father’s evil plan?

What I Wished I Knew About Being an Author Before I Became One

By Marianne Spitzer

That’s not a very difficult question. Writing the book is the easy part, the hard part is after the book is written. You have two decisions to make. Do you try to find an agent and publisher, or do you self-publish? It is one thing I never thought about and I wish I had. It would not have stopped me from writing. I love to write, but I would have been better prepared for what I needed to do after I wrote “The End” at the bottom of my manuscript.

I began doing my research into publishing after I finished my first novel. I knew I was up against many heavy hitters and the articles and blog posts about self-publishing caught my eye. I knew that was something I could do. Once I decided to take that path, I had more decisions to make. How to get exposure?

That would be the biggest thing I wished I knew about before I wrote the novel. It still wouldn’t have stopped me from writing, but I would have done more research while I wrote. I would have set up a lot of things before I was ready to self-publish.

I would have set up a writer’s page on Facebook. I would have started a Twitter account. Not only would I have started them, I would have worked to get a following. The more people following you, the more will read your posts. Then if you start sharing their posts, they will share yours. It also works with Tweets. You may only have 400 followers, but if someone with 1,000 followers retweets on of yours, 1,400 people may see it. It is a system of give and share. The same can happen with Facebook posts. You share theirs, they share yours.

I wish I had known this and had set it all up before I self-published my first book. Once I did learn all the little things that can help get exposure and used them, I saw an uptick in sales. Also, when you connect with all those other authors, you learn things they have tried. Some have worked and some have not. You gain a bit more experience with each post or article you read.

That’s what I wish I had known before I became an author. How to gain exposure and keep it. I am still learning. There is always something new to learn. Keep reading the posts and articles and never stop learning. Happy Reading!

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