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What’s your story? How did you get into writing?

For my 10th wedding anniversary, my wife and I went on a cruise. Like any other mother of two, she was concerned with her body image. I jokingly remarked the cruise was expensive enough, they would most likely have bodies for us to rent. We laughed, and I forgot about it. After the cruise, I typed a few snippets for a story idea. I added to it periodically, but nothing became of it. A little over a year ago, I lost my full-time job. Amazon featured a story on Kindle Direct Publishing. I decided then I would finish the book and see where it led. The Body rental Prologues and the main novella, Body Rentals were the result.

The Prologues are free today and tomorrow (7/8 and 7/9). Click on the images below:

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Read! I spend at least an hour a day reading fiction. Write! I spend at least an hour a day writing. Follow the blogs of Jeff Goins, Dean Wesley Smith and others out there.

What are you working on now?

I was working on a sequel to Body Rentals, but for the last six months I’ve been bothering anyone who would listen to a story idea I had. Three weeks ago I decided I was too excited to no write the story. I expect to finish the first draft in the next week. The first draft of the first chapter is on my blog.

What has been the most challenging part of publishing or marketing your book?

Reliable editors. My first two short stories I just published with only spelling and grammar edits. Body Rentals had more extensive editing, but no copy editing or developmental editing.

What has been your favorite part?

I had always been an avid storyteller. Crafting the story is my favorite part. Getting the characters and scenery from my head to paper is the best. I write for myself and if people also enjoy my stories then kudos!

Who are your favorite authors?

Harry Turtledove is by far my favorite author. I also enjoy the many, many short stories by Dean Wesley Smith. I do the obligatory Stephen King, and at the advice of my wife, I’ve been reading Janet Ivanovich.

What gave you the idea for your current work?

For Montana, Economics professor Dr. Terry J. Lovell had a radio talk show. He talked a lot about Anthropomorphic Global Warming. I thought it would be interesting to write a story about the opposite. Incidentally, He was also the inspiration behind the interview styling in Tyrant.

If you could be any character in the book, which one would you be?

Gender aside, I relate to the character of Kimberly. She is the only named child of the main protagonists in Body Rentals. Her love of art and sarcastic attitude matches me perfectly.

What other books have you written and/or are working on for the future?

Pithos, Tyrant and Busted are all prologues to Body Rentals. Montana is the working title to the novella I expect to finish next week. Next I am working on another short story – I have mentioned the outline to a few colleagues and want to do that one next. Finally, there is still Body Rentals 2. I started it awhile ago, but am unsure if it will stay a Body Rentals story.

What’s your favorite quote?

“It’s a choice, writing is. One that belongs to you and me. We get to choose it (or not) every single day. So whether or not the world hears your message — whether you leave the impact you were born to make — is entirely up to you.”
― Jeff Goins

What’s your favorite supernatural creature?

I’ve never really had a favorite supernatural creature. I suppose I like the idea behind langoliers, cleaning up time and the world. But not so violent. More like elves or something.

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