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This is the third day of the Indie Block Party…a chance to get to know indie authors and their works.

I’m going to interview Samantha Erikson, the main character of my upcoming novella, Fallen, the prequel to the Transformed series. She’s also one of the antagonists in the series. I have to admit to not liking her much before I wrote Fallen, but now she’s a favorite of mine with at least two more novellas from her perspective, one is already in the works!


Samantha, is there any special meaning behind your name?

Well, my last name, Erikson, does have a little story behind it. For generations upon generations, our family has taken the old Icelandic tradition of taking the father’s first name and adding “sson” and making it the last name for the sons. (For daughters, the tradition is to add “sdottir”.)

My parents decided to stop the tradition. My mother isn’t of the Icelandic heritage and she wanted to take my father’s last name, Eriksson. But she didn’t like the spelling, so my father dropped one s. He adores her and would do anything for her.

Before your story began, what were your hopes for the future?

I’ve always had my sights set on the castle. My family has visited there countless times over the years because of our relatives who live there. My dream has always been to live there, ruling the throne. What girl hasn’t dreamed of becoming a princess?

What do you like about people?

Mmmm…that’s easy. Their blood. The more fear-soaked, the tastier it is.

Oh, well…that’s interesting. Would you care to elaborate?

I was born into a vampire family and I myself became a vampire after I completed my transformation when I was a teenager. That was over two hundred years ago.

Vampires are born? Aren’t they made?

You humans have most everything wrong about vampires—especially your belief that we don’t exist. Royal vampires are born, but common vampires are humans turned. I’m a mixed breed: half common vampire and half royal vampire.

How is that possible?

My mother is a common vampire and my father is a royal vampire. My father’s choice to marry a common vampire is what removed him, and our entire line, from the castle.

Is that where your dreams of being a princess come from?

Yes. I should be in the castle. It’s in my blood. That’s why I’ve spent decades to win over the most feared Vampire alive, Vince Moretti. He’s going to take down the king and queen, and I’m going to help him. Then we’re going to rule the vampire world together.

That’s quite a plan. Good luck with that.

Thanks. See you in Fallen.

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  1. Elaine

    I admittedly don’t know a lot about the vampire genre. One of my buddies was talking about evolutionary ones a bit ago, thanks for helping me find an example! I am definitely one of those people who have most everything wrong about vampires 😉

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