Indie Block Party: Social Media Tips


I’m way behind on this final post for the Indie Block Party!

My social media tips are pretty simple. I’m not a social media guru, but I have been using social media for a long time. I had a MySpace account before my 7 year old was born.

Tackle one at a time. Don’t jump in and try to learn five new social media channels this week. You’ll get burned out and overwhelmed in no time. There are so many options out there. Pick one and learn the ins and outs of that one before jumping into the next. Once you have a handle on one, you’ll be able to work it into your schedule.

Educate yourself. Read up on the site that you’re learning so that you can maximize your time. Learning as you can be frustrating and a huge time suck. Pick a couple social media experts to follow so that you can stay up to date on everything.

Know yourself. Know what is you waste the most time on – and avoid it or set time limits. Personally, I can get lost scrolling through news feeds on Facebook and Pinterest. I usually avoid my Pinterest feed unless I have a specific purpose. I can lose hours there. With Facebook, it’s clicking on links. (Did I really need to click on the one about the top ‘WTF moments from Full House’? No, I did not! It didn’t benefit me in any way.)

Seek to engage. Time best spent on social media is time engaging with others. If you’re a writer, then you’ll want to engage with other writers and your readers.

I can’t wait to read the other posts and see what the other indie block partiers wrote about social media.

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3 thoughts on “Indie Block Party: Social Media Tips

  1. Dawn Abraham

    Stacy thanks for your post I enjoyed it. I really loved the part when you talked about how you get on facebook and Pinterest and lose hours doing things that didn’t get you anywhere.

    I know what you mean I think we have all been there. I actually stopped going to most social sites until after I have accomplished at least one big goal for the day. That way I don’t feel as bad if I waste an hour here or there.

    Another thing I tried was the timer that tells me I’ve been on the site too long. I even went so far as to get a app. that would kick me off after the allotted time I set and I couldn’t get back on for hours. That one worked great until I needed to get on their for business and I couldn’t.

    Now I stick to doing what is important first and so far I’m at 90% of the time I follow that rule. ツ
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  2. Mitch

    Hey STACY,
    there’s something we call social media centralization, there are many sites like this on the internet,
    it syncs all your social media profiles together, so you don’t have to post everywhere manually, you just enter you post on the site and it automatically post it on all your social media sites by itself,
    save time, save learning details, etc..
    i thought it would come in handy for you here.
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
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