Review: This Plague of Days

Apocalyptic tales aren’t my typical read, but I was definitely hooked on this one! This is one of those stories that I kept thinking about when I was away from it. The story follows the family of a boy with autism as a virus wipes out much of the population.

I quickly grew to love the characters and wanted to know what was going to happen to each of them. Even the kooky old neighbor who was looking more suspicious and ominous with each new page.  I don’t want to give too much away, but this story has some great twists and turns and I’m excited about the upcoming second season.


Jaimie Spencer is a strange autistic boy caught in a fight for survival as the Sutr-X virus spreads across the United States. While governments lie to their citizens to quarantine victims and isolate cities, the inexorable mind virus brings civilization as we know it to an end. Sutr-X sweeps away all we knew, but the plague doesn’t stop there. As the virus mutates to become Sutr-Z, Britain falls as the zombies rise.

The war for the future has begun and the greater numbers are on the side of the infected. Terrorists created the plague and made ordinary civilians into rabid bio-weapons. The Ungrateful Living and the rabid cannibals all share one thing in common: they are just like you.

Who will love This Plague of Days? Horror readers, zombie lovers, word nerds, paranoids, preppers and readers of all things apocalyptic.


It was only four blocks, but it seemed much farther in the dark. They moved slowly, following Jack’s flashlight beam.
A dozen pairs of eyes followed them in turn — wary but fierce — unseen and circling, closer and closer. The ragged creatures, drooling and impatient, ached with hunger.

5 Stars

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