Accepting New Beta Readers

Beta readers are an important part of my review team: a group of people who read and offer input on a polished (but not final) draft of my story. They help me to see things that I, as the author, can’t see. I’ll never be able to be a first time reader of one of my own stories, so I can never read it from that perspective.

My review team is an amazing group of people, but I tend to write a lot of stories and I because of this I’m opening up the team for more beta readers.

When I’m ready for a story to be read, I’ll send an email about the story. As a beta reader, you can decide if you have the time for reading and evaluating the story in the time that I need it. If not, no problem. Maybe the next one will be for you.

What do I write? I write paranormal romance. You can see some covers on the right sidebar. My novella Fallen is free, so you can grab that and see what my style is like.

I have several short stories, novellas, and novels coming up. If you’d like to be a beta reader and read some of my stories before they are published, sign up to join the team!

Sign up below:

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