Paranormal Fragment Friday

Paranormal Fragment Fridays
I’m sharing from my latest release Fallen – which is free right now!

Fallen (The Transformed)

“She must die.”

Raising an eyebrow, I looked into Vince’s dark eyes. “Who?”

“The rumors are true, Samantha,” he said, and then bit into his caviar.

I took a sip of wine. “Which rumors, exactly?”

He ran his fingers through his short, spiky hair. “She’s alive.”

My mind ran through the list of she’s that he could be referring to. Then I looked at him again. “You don’t mean…?”

Eyes aglow, he nodded. “Marguerite Westerfield is alive and well. As it turns out, her watcher never had her killed. I threatened the lives of her daughters, and yet Mattie still risked it all to save Marguerite. She merely hid the child.”

I leaned over the table toward him. “She wouldn’t be a child anymore. How old is she now?”

“Almost sixteen, if I remember correctly. She was close to three when she was supposed to be killed.” He sighed.

“So she’s already gone through her transformation.”

Vince shook his head. “No, not yet. That’s what has made it so difficult to track her down. She was hidden amongst the humans, being raised as one. Marguerite probably thinks that she is one,” he said, and laughed.

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