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Few people even know that the Scion School exists. Tucked away on a private Caribbean island, the school is host to thirty-six exceptionally gifted students, all orphans. They train and study every day to prepare themselves for an immense responsibility, to lead humankind back from the brink of extinction.

At least, that’s what they’ve been told.

Among the thirty-six is Jacey, 17, one of four Scions in the Eagle class. She is the favorite of the 93-year-old headmaster, Dr. Carlhagen. But when Jacey overhears a conversation between a strange visitor and one of the school’s first graduates, she learns a stunning fact about her future. One that Dr. Carlhagen has kept from all the Scions.

Following the cryptic clues given to her by the school’s AI professor, Jacey races to untangle the truth of who the Scions are, and what the headmaster really means when he says they are bound for a great destiny.


Daughter of Nothing held my interest from the beginning. One thing that I liked about it was how it began, because so many times stories set in worlds different from our own begin the story in a confusing way to immediately show that the world is different. Daughter of Nothing did the opposite, warming us up the new setting, allowing it make sense as it showed us the world.

Then, once the secret of the Scion school was revealed – I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down, and constantly needed to know what was going to happen next. I found that I was deeply invested in the characters when something really unfair happened to one of them, and I was really upset about it.

I had many theories about how the events would unfold, and it also caused me to stop and think about the ethical issues involved. With all of my guesses, I was still surprised at the events that unfolded, especially in the last several chapters. I don’t want to give anything away, but wow!

5 Stars

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