Icelandic Vampires Follow Their Own Rules


The Transformed by Stacy Claflin

In Delphic Cove, vampires chuckle at the myths humans have created about them. They don’t need permission to enter a building. In fact they can go through walls. Unless it’s a solid steel wall—then they’re going to have to go around. Royal vampires are born, not created. They’re also given a blessing at birth that allows them to walk around in the daylight. And they definitely don’t sparkle.

One thing that these vampires love is that because modern humans refuse to believe in magical creatures, they’re free to walk around undetected. In fact, they’ve hidden one of their most important heirs to the throne in with the people of Delphic Cove. She’s so well hidden, that Alexis Ferguson doesn’t even know that she’s anything other than an ordinary human.

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