Review: The Naked Truth About Self Publishing


Ten NY Times Best Selling romance authors come together to share their best advice to indie authors. They each share from their own unique experiences what has given them success in the world of publishing.


A book so controversial we’ve been offered hush money to stop us from publishing it.

A book so raw it was banned in one small city in Iowa.

A book so hot it melted an e-reader.

If you’re thinking about self publishing or you just want to know all the juicy insider scoop, this is a must-read.


One thing that made The Naked Truth About Self Publishing so valuable is that the authors all come from different backgrounds. No matter where you’re coming from, you can relate to someone’s story. Even more importantly, you’ll be able to learn from them. There was a lot of valuable advice, including new ideas that I hadn’t I heard elsewhere. The chapter dealing with piracy stands out in my mind as one of those.

Anyone already self publishing or even just considering it will benefit from reading this book.

5 Stars

5 thoughts on “Review: The Naked Truth About Self Publishing

  1. Mitch

    It is a very interesting topic to look at,
    most people do not know this, but the majority of authors that write books don’t write the books that they claim to be the author of,
    the way it works with most authors is, a publisher wants to make allot of money, he finds someone on television or some individual, hires them and pay them huge amount of money as an advance, and say to them he wants to use their name on a book, we want you to be “”Author”,
    that guy then sits down with a ghost writer, the one who’s actually gonna write the book, and they have few interviews, the ghost writer then writes the books, the original guy gives it a comment or two then it goes to an editor who reads it, rewrite it, adding his own thoughts, opinions etc … you know allegedly correcting grammars etc …
    and then the book is published.
    that’s why self-published books are more trust-worthy.
    Many thanks and Happy holidays.
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