Searching for Mercy Excerpt Reveal

Searching For Mercy

Searching for Mercy will be released very soon! It’s the sequel to Chasing Mercy, which left readers begging for more. Here is an excerpt to hold you over until it’s finally ready:

(Subject to change!)
“Looks like that cop is still back there,” Wade said.
“The freeway it is then,” I said. As soon as I could, I turned down a side road that quickly took us out of town. We were several miles down the country road out of town when I noticed the cop car was still behind us. “Are you kidding me?”
Wade turned around. “What’s he doing? He’s way out of his jurisdiction.”
“I wouldn’t say way out, but he’s definitely out of it.”
“And definitely following us.”
“What does he want? Why is he so interested in us?”
“Probably just has nothing better to do. Just keep going. We’re not doing nothing wrong.”
I sighed, wanting to correct his grammar.
“Hey, maybe you should try to lose him,” Wade said.
“Why? Like you said, we’re not doing anything wrong.”
I rolled my eyes. He didn’t even catch me correcting his grammar.
“Just act natural and he’ll probably leave us alone. If he checked the plates, he might think we’re heading back to California. He wouldn’t be that stupid to follow us all the way there.”

If you haven’t read Chasing Mercy yet – now is the perfect time to get it! See what others had to say about it:

“Holy *** I was scared to sleep.”

Reading Renee

“Add this novel to that stack of fast-paced and highly unpredictable reads.”

Andrea Nagel

“This is right along with all of her books; suspenseful yet a touch of romance with a twist at the end.”

Onessia Posey

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