Three Cover Reveals for the New Year

I have a long list of books to publish in the upcoming year. Some of them already have covers and I’m excited to reveal them. I decided to share them now, rather than waiting until the release of each one.

But first….

The list of books due out in 2014

Searching for Mercy (sequel to Chasing Mercy) coming in January 2014

Ascension (The Transformed, #4) coming in Jan or February of 2014

Third Mercy book

Sequel to Fallen

Hidden Intentions (A Transformed novel)

Saved by a Vampire (A Transformed novel)

Sweet Desire (A Transformed novel)

A new series (More info to come)


The Covers

Hidden Intentions

Saved By A Vampire

Hidden Intentions and Saved By a Vampire covers by CoverD

Sweet Desire

Sweet Desire cover by Damonza

Searching Large

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