Now Accepting Beta Readers for YA Paranormal Romance #BetaReaders

Who are beta readers?

Beta readers are an important part of my publishing process. They are a group of people who read and offer input on a polished (but not final) draft of my novels.

They help me to see things that I, as the author, can’t see. I’ll never be able to be a first time reader of one of my own stories, so I can never read it from that perspective. It’s too easy to miss things in my own work, and that’s why beta readers are so important.

I already have an amazing group of people, but I tend to write a lot of stories, and I because of this, I’m opening up the team for more beta readers.

What’s involved?

When I’m ready for my betas to read a story, I’ll send an email about the story and provide the date that I need to receive feedback.

As a beta reader, you decide if you have the time for reading and evaluating the story. If not, no problem. Maybe the next one will be for you.

If you do choose to be beta reader for the story, you will fill out a simple form letting me know. Then I will send you the story along with a Beta Reader Questionnaire. You will be required to fill out the questionnaire as a team member.

What if something comes up and you can’t finish a story that you signed up for? Life happens! Just let me know as soon as you can, and I’ll keep you on the team. I totally understand.

What do I write?

I write Young Adult paranormal romance. You can see some of my covers on the right sidebar. My novella Fallen is free, so you can grab that and get a feel for what my style is like.

I have a novella, full length, and short novels coming up. If you’d like to be a beta reader, sign up to join the team!

Sign up below:

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