The Transformed Series: A to Z

The Transformed series follows Alexis Ferguson from the time that she discovers she has special powers through her journey of discovering who and what she really is. She discovers a whole  new world that she never imagined even existed beyond faerie tales. She finds a world filled with all kinds of creatures that she thought were only myths.

Alexis Ferguson

The Transformed from A-Z

A – Alexis
B – Blessings
C – Clara
D – Delphic Cove
E – Explosions
F – Fyrsturae
G – Gessilyn
H – Home
I – Iceland
J – Jurisdiction
K – Kidnap
L – Lines
M – Magic
N – Nokken
O – Otters
P – Preview
Q – Queen
R – Rivalry
S – Sonnast
T – Triangles
U – Unicorn horns
V –  Vampires
W – Water faeries
X – Xanax
Z – Ziamara

The posts aren’t too long, because I was also participating in Camp Nanowrimo. It was a busy, busy month for me! 🙂


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