A is for Alexis #atozchallenge

Alexis Ferguson (Marguerite Westerfield)



Alexis Ferguson is the main character in my Transformed series. When we meet Alexis in Deception, she’s just trying to get through her high school years so she can move far away from her family. She doesn’t fit in with them and even believes that she was adopted. Yet her parents insist that she’s not.

Not only does she not fit in with her family, but she doesn’t fit in at school. She has a couple of friends, but even they have a hard time pulling her away from her studies. Alexis only cares about her grades, to the point that she completely neglects her looks and her social life. Never has a boy given her a second glance, and she couldn’t be happier about that.

She soon discovers strange new powers emerging and also that her new friends aren’t even human. That’s only the beginning, and the surprises about her true heritage are far beyond her wildest dreams. They help her to figure out what her new abilities are all about and to also see her natural beauty. Soon, everyone is paying attention to her.

Before long, she can’t figure out to trust – and for good reason. Every time she thinks she has figured out the truth about her life, she finds even more secrets. Eventually, she learns about a three-thousand year old prophecy about herself that is so horrifying, she will do anything she can to escape it.

Hear from Alexis in her own words: Interview with Alexis

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(This is my first post in the A to Z Challenge.)

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