I Finished My Novel…Now What? (Part 1)

So, you’ve finished writing your novel? Congratulations! You’re in good company. A lot of people just completed a novel last…

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5 thoughts on “I Finished My Novel…Now What? (Part 1)

      1. Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

        I can’t decide! I keep changing my mind. I’ve got two ideas in my head. I just posted it in my reader group to see what people think sounds good. I might start one as a series on Wattpad to play around there. If I do, I might do a thriller based on my flash fiction piece about a missing child and use the serial idea on Wattpad of Jerrica Teal – a mom turned cozy mystery detective with some twists and turns in her past. Too many ideas. I need to just write! I’ve been so focused on Finding Eliza the last few months that I haven’t let any other characters talk to me. Some beta readers are asking for novellas based on the secondary characters in FE. That might happen on Wattpad, too. So many things to choose from!

        1. Stacy Claflin
          Post author

          One good problem to have is more ideas than time! It’s definitely a problem I face, even with as much writing as I do. I would definitely recommend continuing with FE because you’re already building the audience for that world. But of course, it’s up to you! :) You could go the route of the self publishing podcast guys and start off writing different genres from the beginning.

          Once I started seeing traction on my series, I knew I had to keep writing more. Some readers pick up everything I have for sale in the series, no matter the length. I have everything from short stories to 100k+ novels.
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