Review of Mystery Heir by Staci Troilo and Author Interview

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My Review of Mystery Heir (5 stars)

Mystery Heir is a fun read with characters that are likable and real. I don’t typically read mysteries, and this was a nice change of pace. It’s well written and keeps you turning the pages. Staci Troilo does a great job of setting the scene and bringing the characters to life.

The story moves along at a good pace, bringing up new clues and mysteries along the way. So many people could be the murderer and the Dotson twins don’t think the police are digging deep enough, so they do their own digging, getting themselves into some sticky situations along the way. There was a good balance of humor and suspense.

I will definitely read more from Staci. I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.


Author Interview

What’s your story? How did you get into writing?

Do you believe in fate? I do. I’m not trying to sound dramatic or anything (I know, what writer would want to do that?), but I became a writer because it was my destiny. I started as a storyteller, long before I could actually write, telling stories to my stuffed animals. When I could write, I wrote what I thought were fantastic epic tales, that I of course illustrated. They were really only stories about one paragraph long, and the drawings were glorified stick figures. But they were my stories, and I loved them. And I kept going from there. I wrote poetry in junior high and high school, and I majored in writing in college. I worked in corporate communications until I had my children, then I freelanced. I even taught writing in college for a while. I finally took a stab at publishing my fiction a few years ago.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

You have to be willing to put the time in. You might be writing because you love to do it. You have stories to tell, stories to share. But if you want anyone to take you seriously, you have to have a quality product. That means you have to study the craft, read your peers’ works, write a lot, revise even more, share with a trusted group, accept their criticism with thick skin, revise again—ruthlessly, and be willing to market yourself. Did I mention you have to put the time in?

What are you working on now?

I’m in the middle of a four-book paranormal romance series inspired by my grandfather’s Italian ancestry (book one is finished and book two is 2/3 done).

What has been the most challenging part of publishing or marketing your book?

This particular book is a series, all of which have been written by different authors. I’m the only one who lives in Arkansas, and the marketing efforts seem to have been focused in Tennessee, where the publisher and the other authors are. In fact, I just missed a book release where they had an authors’ panel and book signing. It’s been difficult drumming up the same enthusiasm here that they have there.

What has been your favorite part?

Doing the online work. I’ve done some interviews and guest posts. It’s allowed me to interact with people I wouldn’t have “met” otherwise, and I’ve made new contacts and friends.

Who are your favorite authors?

I have a lot, across a wide array of genres. Classically, I like Faulkner and Dickens. In Horror, no one beats King. PNR, I have to give it to J. R. Ward. Romance, I’m a fan of Catherine Anderson. There are some lesser known authors that I really enjoy. Gennita Low is one of them. I’ve been waiting for her next release for a while now. Kids books have to go Dr. Seuss, Carroll, and Baum. YA, I’m a Rowling fan. And of course, a Claflin fan!

What gave you the idea for your current work?

As I mentioned, my grandfather is part of the inspiration behind the series I’m working on. He used to tell me that his father was the illegitimate child of a duke. That was one part of the story. The other came from my kids. We were practicing for their black belt tests one day and we started talking about different weapons and what they were made of. My son thought it would be cool to have a sword made out of diamonds so it could cut through anything. I knew that, from a scientific standpoint, that wouldn’t be possible, but in fiction… I combined elements of my grandfather’s story and elements of my children’s weapon theory, massaged them quite a bit, and the Medici Protectorate Series was born.

If you could be any character in the book, which one would you be?

Hands down, I have to say Naomi. She’s spunky and fearless, and loyal to the ones she loves.

What other books have you written and/or are working on for the future?

My agent wants me working on other projects in addition to the Medici Protectorate Series, so I have two other projects going. One is a traditional romance that I’m just starting. And one that I’m just finishing is a contemporary fiction piece exploring dysfunctional families and genetics.

What’s your favorite quote?

So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads. — Dr. Seuss

What’s your favorite supernatural creature?

Oooh. That’s another tough question. I’m going to have to go angel. They can be beautiful, but they’re still incredibly powerful.

Thanks, Stacy. It was a pleasure, and I appreciate you taking the time and hosting me on your blog.

My pleasure, Staci. Thank you!

About Staci

Staci Troilo has been writing since she was a child. She earned her bachelor and master degrees in writing from Carnegie Mellon University, and after graduating, worked in corporate communications until she had her children. Later she worked as a writing professor and now is an editor as well as a novelist and short story writer. She creates dark, dangerous heroes and strong, capable heroines, weaving their lives together into a contemporary tapestry of tantalizing romance. Compelling villains and gripping mysteries engage the reader from page one of her novels and her short stories feature ordinary characters conquering the odds in extraordinary situations. Staci is from Western Pennsylvania but currently lives in Arkansas with her husband, son, daughter, and two dogs.

You can reach her at:







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  1. Sagar

    Nice post

    I am not a book reader but after reading the review of the book I would like to read this book. Mystery Heir is totally different from other books. Th most important portion which held me is that characters are real. This made me more interested. And nice interview, it was good to know about the author too.

    I would like to wish her all the best for her future works

    Thank you for sharing.
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