Macabre Sanctuary: A Free Spooky Collection


Thrills. Chills. Shadows and superstitions. Things that go bump in the night. Macabre Sanctuary boasts suspenseful fiction designed to elicit goosebumps and raise heart rates.

Macabre Sanctuary is a FREE 138-page collection of short, scary tales by ten authors.

An excerpt from my story, Wanderers:


Dex Sheahan grabbed his crossbow from his back and brought it to position.


He moved closer to the nearest tree and aimed all around, focused on everything and nothing all at once. He’d been so careful to stay out of sight, but sometimes it didn’t matter.

Everything remained silent for a few minutes—which felt like forever. That was actually worse than the sounds. At least with noise, he could figure where he was looking for enemies. Also, which kind. Humans were by far the more dangerous threat than the wanderers.

Dex took a deep breath and lowered the weapon. It was time to grab his things and move on. He’d been staying in the abandoned home too long, anyway. It had to have been close to a month, but this place had a plethora of berries and even a stream with actual healthy fish. He’d been living like a king, though he’d only heard about that kind of life as a kid from his parents.

He raised the crossbow again, slowly scanning the horizon. Whatever had made the noises had either moved on or was waiting for him to make the first move. Either way, he was ready. He hadn’t survived so long on his own by giving into his fear. It was a kill-or-be-killed world, and so far, that had worked out for him.

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About the collection:

Learn the lore of a haunted island.

Grapple with the undead while robbing graves Halloween night.

Endure a hazing ritual unlike any other.

Deal with a demon at an All Souls’ Day celebration.

See what happens when you court death in the wild.

Battle zombies and cannibals in a quest to stay alive.

Travel back in time to witness the birth of true evil.

Fear prophetic nightmares made manifest.

Come to terms with new ethereal realities.

Befriend a feline to extend earthly life.

This collection from ten talented authors offers ghosts and demons, spirits and zombies, cannibals and killers… even a ferocious animal. Historical and contemporary tales of violence and fright keep readers on the edges of their seats. There’s something for everyone who loves spine-tingling, bone-chilling, blood-curdling stories.

Meet the Authors:
Joan Hall:
Mae Clair:
Jan Morrill:
Staci Troilo:
Pamela Foster:
Stacy Claflin:
Michele Jones:
K. E. Lane:
Harmony Kent:
C. S. Boyack:

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