Cover Reveal: Love’s Second Kiss

Love’s Second Kiss series is part of Melissa Storm’s First Street Church Kindle World that takes place in Sweet Grove, Texas. It follows after my book in the same world, Love’s First Kiss.

Love’s First Kiss will be available July 19, 2017 along with twenty other books in the Kindle World! Love’s Second Kiss will be available in early 2018. Keep an eye out on this page for more details about the books!

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About the world…

Welcome to the tiny town of Sweet Grove, TX, where neighbors still care deeply about each other and the little white chapel on First Street is the heart and soul of all who live here.

It’s a simple life–a good life–yet many here are suffering invisible pains. From alcoholism to divorce, hoarding, and even suicide, the struggles are real but so is the God who loves this town and all its residents. Through the darkest of times and the deepest of tragedies, each day provides a new chance to find faith, hope… and even love.

Whose life will you change for the better? Will you bring new purpose to a troubled youth, redemption to a scorned elder, or perhaps salvation to the newest resident in town? Their fates and futures now rest in your capable hands.

Welcome to Sweet Grove, TX. We’re so glad you came for a visit!

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