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Silent Bite

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Alexis Ferguson has been abandoned by every vampire in her life, and she can’t even remember why. In fact, she keeps having memory lapses. She’s sure that finding out why is the key to finding the other vampires.

Meanwhile, she must live with  her family, pretending to be human. She tries to ignore her basic vampire needs, and begins to waste away. Alexis nearly takes out her entire family at a holiday meal.  She knows she needs to take care of herself, but can’t find the motivation until another supernatural steps in, concerned for her well-being. He’s gorgeous, so what could go wrong? Other than the fact that he’s a werewolf …and her teacher.


My body needed blood, but for some reason I hadn’t realized it. Most likely because my other needs were being ignored as well. But now that they were filled, I had a craving that was growing stronger by the moment. The heartbeats around me were getting louder and smell of blood was dancing around my nose. I could feel my eyes turning red.

Keeping my gaze on my plate, I weighed out my options. I could get up and run out the door, making a huge scene. Then my parents would be angry with me, forcing me to sit through a lecture when I got back. I knew that I’d put them through enough with my abduction and then leaving so soon after.

No. I would have to sneak out unseen. Even though I was full, I kept taking small bites, hoping to stay off the radar. What I needed was an excuse to get up. I could fake an upset stomach, run to the bathroom, sneak out and feed, and then return before anyone was the wiser.

My mouth started watering and my fangs extended as the heartbeats got louder, pounding in a rhythmic beat, practically calling my name. The scent of everyone’s blood was teasing me. The last thing I wanted was to lose control and feed on my family. There was no way that could end well. But it had been so long since I’d had any blood—far too long, in fact—and I needed to get some fast.

I couldn’t hear any of the discussion over the noise of their hearts pumping blood so loudly. If my fangs extended any further, there would be no hiding them. My eyes were sure to turn deep red if I didn’t act soon.

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