The Transformed Series

The Transformed is a paranormal romantic suspense series with twelve books in the main part of the series. There are also several side stories and one spin-off series.

The covers are in the process of getting transformed (see what I did there?) and I’ll post the new covers as they are available!


What if your whole life was a lie?

Alexis Ferguson wasn’t blessed with social graces, but the ambitious over-achiever has used her book smarts to get her where she is today. It’s too bad that everything she knows is wrong.

After meeting a gorgeous stranger on a blind date, Alexis feels like she’s known him her entire life. Suddenly, dark long-forgotten memories swirl in her mind. She realizes she’s powerful, stunningly beautiful, and marked for death.

As she faces the one who ordered her execution years ago, Alexis must learn her strange new powers and trust in unlikely allies to keep herself alive.

Deception is the first installment in the Transformed Series, a paranormal romantic suspense series that features gripping supernatural drama, surprising twists, dynamic characters, page-turning suspense, heart-pounding action, and angsty romance. You won’t put it down until the stunning conclusion.

This urban fantasy romantic thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this book and the rest of the series, you’ll find a supernatural world far beyond the normal scope of vampires and werewolves. Buckle up and get ready for a ride full of twists and turns. It’s one for all ages – as long as you have an imagination and love suprises!

“A very entertaining read that kept me on edge…read it almost in one day!”

“Addictive Reading!” 

“I loved too that this book never left me feeling as if I knew what was going to happen next.”

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Alexis tried hiding from fate. When that didn’t work, she faced it head-on.

Life was hard before, but now ancient prophecies dictate her every move. In her attempts to find a way around them, Alexis discovers a deadly curse with her name on it.

The curse puts her relationship with the love of her life on the line… and she can’t even tell him about it. No matter what Alexis does, she runs the risk of losing him forever.

Can she find a loophole before she loses everything she cares about?

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Imagine that you wake up to discover that eighteen months have passed since you remember going to sleep. That’s the reality that Alexis awakes to. She finds herself in the home of the human family who raised her and desperately needs to return to the castle where she is needed to win the war that has been brewing.

Not only has everyone disappeared, but everything in her life is the opposite of what it should be. Nothing can prepare her for what she discovers, and once again she finds herself not knowing who she can trust.

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Cliff Montgomery and Alrekur Vidarsson both want to marry Alexis. One is an arrogant three thousand year old ancient ruler who has waited his entire life for her. The other is the love she has waited for all her life.

The prophecies say she’ll choose the ancient Alrekur, and they are supposed to never be wrong, but Alexis is determined to find a loophole. When she is forced to spend time with Alrekur and begins to see his charm, she is torn. Her heart still belongs to Cliff, but would it be so awful if the prophecies were fulfilled?

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Alrekur Vidarsson had to wait three thousand years to finally fall in love. He spent two thousand years searching for her, but then she found him, awaking him from death. 

Unfortunately, she was engaged to another, and Alrekur would have to fight and wait for his happily ever after…except that it won’t be that easy. 

The entire dragon species has been awakened after more than three thousand years. The dragons have their sights set on Alrekur’s family, and they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want, not caring if they destroy everyone he loves in the process.

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It’s a new generation of royal vampires.

Alexis’ daughter Eylin is nearly grown, in the beginning of her transformation. Born with the mark of the dragon and placed under a spell as in infant, the young princess finds herself in the middle of an age-old battle between mortal enemies.

Eylin starts to fall for the son of their enemy: the one who kidnapped Eylin years earlier. Pulled between the ties of family and romance, she must decide between two different worlds. Depending on the decision she makes, someone will end up sacrificing their life.

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Eylin is tired of being told what to do and where to go. She has already transformed into her full powers, embodying new gifts – and secrets – that her parents never dreamed possible. The more they shelter her, the more eager she is to get away and see the world.

A plague has broken out and is now affecting those under their rule. Out of fear, Eylin’s parents hold her even tighter. Unable to take it any longer, she flees. But having no experience with the outside world, she doesn’t know who is an enemy and who isn’t. She stumbles upon fierce enemies of old, not recognizing them as such.

She must learn to use her powers, or have them used against her before not only her life is in danger, but the lives of everyone she loves.

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Eylin is hiding in the underground city from the group of ancients who want her dead, but she’s not safe even there. On the other side of some massive tunnels, an unknown group is systematically removing magic from each underground city.

As pressure mounts, Eylin has big decisions to make, and each could have deadly consequences. After being personally attacked, she makes a bold decision, and goes after it with the hopes of saving those she loves.

She becomes deeply invested in an ancient culture. If she gets too close, she could put all of her loved ones at risk.

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Entangled picks exactly where Transcend left us…with our mouths gaping from the surprise.

Eylin has faced a lot in her short life—plagues, wars, deaths of loved ones, and even a crazy imprinting. She’s even had some good surprises along the way, but she’s about to face something…or someone…much worse.

Now that she has the freedom she’s always dreamed about, she realizes just how difficult it can be to make the right choices. Consequences are far more reaching than what she sees in front of her.

One rash decision followed by a series of unforeseeable events is going change her life as she knows it forever. She has no idea the force she has unleashed. Will her friends and family be able to forgive her after the damage has been done?

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Eylin always seems to get herself into trouble, but this time she’s in deep. Missing. Kidnapped. Tortured.

Her friends and family have no idea where she is, and the only clue is the intolerable pain Ana is in. What Eylin feels, Ana does, too. And this time… it’s worse than ever.

And to make it even more frustrating, those casting locator spells say they can’t find her.

Will Eylin’s friends and family be able to find her in time?

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Eylin thought breaking her imprinting with Ana would make life easier. Instead, the unimaginable has happened. She doesn’t recognize Darius, the love of her life.

Eylin is convinced that Blake is her one true love. She’s made it her mission to free him of a curse no one else is convinced exists, and she won’t let anyone get in her way of finding the cure.

Will Darius and Hale be able to help Eylin tap into her hidden memories before she makes the biggest mistake of her life—marrying Blake?

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The final installment is here…

The series began with Alexis, and now she’s front and center again.

What could be worse than finding out your daughter has been turned into a killing machine, without a chance of a cure? Finding out that everything you know is a lie.


Just when Alexis truly thinks her life is under control, it’s been turned upside down. Those she thought she could trust are unreliable at best. The ones she thought she never could count on, those are the ones she must believe.

Can she wade through the lies in time to save her daughter?

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Side Stories

The series prequel can be read before the other books or not. It offers some background and is a fun, interesting story, but is not necessary for reading the rest of the series. Now Fallen includes the novella Taken.

Samantha Erikson is has one mission: to rule the world. She’s spent decades winning over the powerful Vince Moretti. Just when everything is going according to plan, he sidetracks her with the assignment of pretending to be a high school student in a small town.

It’s humiliating enough to go from stilettos to sneakers, but Samantha must also follow the most boring person alive: the teenage girl who stands between her and the throne. When she has had all she can take, she finds a fun distraction: an attractive football player who isn’t scared of her kind. There’s one problem. Against her better judgment, she falls in love with him. Now she must decide between the mortal she adores and a place of power in the supernatural world. If she tries to have both, she could lose everything.

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Silent Bite works as #3.5 because it takes place during the time of Forgotten – during the time Alexis was having multiple memory lapses.

Alexis Ferguson has been abandoned by every supernatural loved one in her life, and she can’t even remember why. In fact, she keeps having memory lapses. She’s sure that finding out why is the key to finding the others.

Meanwhile, she must live with  her family, pretending to be human. She tries to ignore her basic paranormal needs, and begins to waste away. Alexis nearly takes out her entire family at a holiday meal.  She knows she needs to take care of herself, but can’t find the motivation until another supernatural steps in, concerned for her well-being. He’s gorgeous, so what could go wrong? Other than the fact that he’s a werewolf …and her teacher.

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Hidden Intentions can be enjoyed at any point in the series, but makes the most sense after reading Ascension (#4). It also works as a standalone.

Her supernatural secret could doom their love…

Clara has been lucky. She’s spent countless hours with William, the love of her life, without him finding out her dark and deadly secret. When she discovers a ring-sized jewelry box in William’s coat, she fears her relationship with the most wonderful mortal will come crashing down.

Secrets give way to explosions and before Clara can right her wrongs, an old rival may lay her past bare and destroy the love she holds so dear.

Can William love her for who she really is?

Hidden Intentions is a standalone story in the Transformed Series featuring the characters of Clara Erikson and William Lennox. If you love supernatural creatures, forbidden romance, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love Stacy Claflin’s tale of paranormal romance.

Read Hidden Intentions today and see all of Clara’s secrets revealed!

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Saved by a Vampire is best read any time after Ascension (#4). It ties in with Toby’s Curse of the Moon series.

Vampires. Witches. Werewolves. Betrayal.

Ziamara nearly died, but a distantly-related vampire put a stop to that. After training to live safely among humans, she returns to her hometown of Delphic Cove to settle into her afterlife. Things are as normal as can be, until a pack of werewolves try to tear her limb from limb.

She survives the assault but returns home to find her house destroyed. Her grandmother is missing, and the only ones who can help her are the very werewolves who threatened her afterlife! Neither Ziamara nor the wolves are excited to work together, but one member of the pack has caught her eye. At a time when the new vampire needs to focus, the only thing she can think about is him.

When Ziamara and the pack get closer to the truth about her grandmother’s disappearance, they find something more ancient, powerful, and deadly than they ever imagined…

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Sweet Desire is best read after Partition (#12) or as a standalone before reading any of the books. It ties the Transformed series to Toby’s Curse of the Moon series.

Fate can only be avoided for so long. Gessilyn’s time is up.

She has been living a quiet life pretending to be human for many years, but now she’s a witch on the run. Claudia, her old rival, has found her—and she wants Gessilyn dead.

If she’s to survive, Gessilyn must return to her roots and learn magic from a father she never knew. The power within her reveals itself to be stronger than anyone has ever seen, and Gessilyn finds herself more a risk to herself than anyone else is until she can learn to control it.

While needing to focus on all she has to learn, Gessilyn finds herself increasingly drawn to Killian, the handsome loner in her father’s coven. She tries to ignore her growing feelings, but they only intensify. Will she be able to hone her powers in time to defeat Claudia, or will Killian distract her and become her downfall?

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Short Stories

All my short stories (plus a whole bunch of new ones) are available in one collection.

A lost love. An impossible decision. A second chance.

Multiple genres collide in this compilation featuring a dozen short stories…

The Gone Series. The Transformed Series. The Seaside Hunter Series. Author Stacy Claflin has entertained readers in a variety of genres, from suspense to paranormal to sweet romance. For the first time ever, you can get a taste of Claflin’s multi-genre talent all in one collection: Tiny Bites.

Tiny Bites is a compilation of short stories that can stand alone from their individual series. If you like vivid imagination, powerful heroines, and page-turning pace, then you’ll love Stacy Claflin’s multi-genre collection.

Read more about it.

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Don’t miss the spin-off series!

You’ll get to see some of your beloved Transformed characters in Toby’s series!

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  1. Barbara "Cookie" Serfaty Williams

    I bought a .99 book of 13 paranormal books and the fist book of this series was in it and I love it. I found another arbor to read

  2. Ellie Scothern

    I also bought a set of books for 99p and found the first one in it and I have now read all the transformed series and I am desperate to find out when the next one will come out with Eylin as the main character I’m assuming?!!?

  3. Brittany

    Hi I was wondering when book 6 will be be out & if there’s a way to pre order? & if there’s any half books in the series that would make sense to read while I’m impatiently waiting?? Lol 😀

    1. Stacy Claflin
      Post author

      Hi Brittany,
      I’m working hard to get #6 published. I was really sick for a couple weeks, so I’m behind schedule a little. Shouldn’t be much longer though. No preorder – that way I can publish it as soon as it’s ready, instead of waiting 10 days.

      The side books in the series would all make sense to you if you’ve already read all five books in the series.
      -Hidden Intentions is Clara’s love story
      -Fallen & Taken are Samantha’s story
      -Silent Bite fills in the gaps during Alexis’ memory lapse

      If you’re signed up for my newsletter, you’ll receive an email as soon as Sacrifice (#6) is ready.
      Thanks! 🙂

  4. Brittany

    Okay Thank Youu!! Yes I’m already signed up for the newsletter 🙂 I can’t wait! I hope your feeling better now too & I’m going to go start reading the side books Lol

  5. LadyInnominate

    Any idea on a release date for book 7? I just finished book 6 and my boyfriend was looking at me like I had two heads when I started yelling “No! That can’t be the end!” At my iPad when I got to the end. I can’t wait to see how Eylin’s story progresses.

  6. Alicia

    I can’t wait for book #7 so that I can see how Eylin’s story will continue…this has been one of my favorite series in a long time.

  7. Patricia kerrison

    Hadn’t read a book for years then when I’ll downloaded a starter pack of books read the first in the transformed series couldn’t put it down have now read all of them brilliant but where oh where is book 8 ? Am having withdrawal symptoms !! Is there a release date please ?

  8. Julie

    My friend suggested these books to read. I’ve read all 7 so far & I’m starting 8 now. Just got done downloading it!! Can’t wait to see what Eylin powers will be. I’m sure there’s go I!g to be another book after this one. At least I hope so. It’s been a great series!! Thanks so much!!

  9. Alyshia

    I’m loving the series… found it on a free box set collection and though I promised myself i wasn’t going to buy any books until I was done with all box sets… but I so wanted to know what went on I broke down and bought them. Now I’m dying to know, will there every be a movie for these books? It would be so awesome I think if they could that.

  10. amanda

    Hi…. i absolutely love the transformed series.. when are you releasing book 10… cant wait to see what happens..

  11. Scott

    Wow found this on a box set the first one did not want to buy any but after reading this i tried to carry on with the others but could not had to get book 2 now I’ve just finished book 9 and was like Omg when will 10 be out I’ve already read the books 1-9 twice waiting so please tell me soon also this could be the next one to hit the movies like Harry Potter did wow never have i been so looking foward to time to read before
    Thank you for this enjoyment

  12. Jodie Grady

    Have just finished book 10 In the Tranformed Series. Absolutely brilliant. Cant wait for the next one! Just one question, at the end of book 10, was Eylin being serious or just joking around?


  13. caitlyn

    hey!!!! ok so im literally on a hunt fr your books i love them honestly i wouldn’t mind having all your books i finished the 1st book of the transformed i fell in love with it im becoming crazy t read them i haven’t been this crazy sense rick riordan sent his last book of the percy jackson and the gods of olympus i super duper would love to read the rest of the gone series and the transformed but like they arent in libraries witch suck so like i cant read them with out purchasing them… but i wish i could find a way to read both seires ….. i love your books i wish i had all yur books your such a wonderful writer i hope i can read the rest of yor books soon if i have to i will search them my self hahaha i love to read !!!!!!! i wouldn’t mind getting ebooks juss so i can read them ! like i want them but they are like $4 and i dont have a kindle fire card thing i really wish i could read all your books hope this made your day!!!

  14. Beulah O'Brien

    What’s the expected release date for book 12? I read book 11 in a day and I need to know what happens next. To be honest book 11 left me with more questions than answers and I’m finding out odd how bizarre you ended it.

  15. Diana

    Loved the transformed series. Read all 11 books in three days and can’t wait for book 12 to come out. Love your writing and I will be looking into your other series as well!!

  16. Jennifer Cox

    Finished the whole series in 2 1/2 months. I was addicted! I wish there was more to this series just because I was in love with all the characters. Very well written. Thank you Stacy for the great reads. I enjoyed it more then you know! I’m about to read all the short stories. Sincerely a forever fan! Jennifer Cox

  17. Eva

    I read the. Entire series in 8 days!! And I love it!! Can’t wait to see what more becomes of Darius and eylin and Blake and hale! And Ida and the dragon! Hella and Oskar I want to know what happens with everyone!! Only complain is missing words to a sentence to actually make it a sentence or missing pieces to a sentence other than that I loved loved the series it all started with a free book and then I purchased the rest of the series!!!

  18. Jennifer y

    I have read all of the Transformed Series Books. I loved every single one of them.
    I can’t remember if Eylin & Darius stay together.

    Any how I just signed up for your newsletters and the 3 free books. I’ll let you know what I think about the Regular Romance Novels. I am normally drawn more to the
    Supernatural type of Romances. I have over 200 books on my Kindle. That count
    doesn’t involve the books I read on Kindle Unlimited. Those books don’t take up space
    because I don’t keep them. I was noticing how much I was spending on books, for
    instance your Transformed Series ( totally worth it ) when I realized I could pay
    $ 10.00 a Month and download 10 books at a time, with no time restrictions on when
    I have to return them. But that doesn’t mean if say a favorite Author of mine like you releases a new Series doesn’t mean I want buy it. So maybe one day I might find some
    of your Books on Kindle Unlimited.
    Your Devoted Fan, Jennifer

    1. Stacy Claflin
      Post author

      Hi Jennifer,
      You sound like me! I have countless books on my kindle, plus the ones I’ve picked up with my KU subscription. 🙂

      My romance series is in KU for now, but not much longer. For books to be in KU, Amazon requires exclusivity, meaning that we can’t have our books at other retailers.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my books! 🙂
      Stacy Claflin invites you to read… Cover Reveal: Lost Wolf (Curse of the Moon Series)My Profile

  19. Bailee

    I just finished the The Transformed series as well as most of the Curse of the Moon series books as well. Are we going to hear anymore about the twins the Eylin and Darius had in the end of the the last book? Will there be any more books in the Transformed series? I love reading I have ever since I was young. Its my escape for a while everyday to get lost in another world. The Transformed series and the Curse of the Moon series are hands down the best books I have gotten the chance to read. A lot of other books I read I believe just stop to soon and then leave me with more questions. I would absolutely love it if there were in fact more books being released in the Transformed series.

    Your newly devoted reader/fan,


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