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Tiny Bites

A lost love. An impossible decision. A second chance.

Multiple genres collide in this compilation featuring a dozen short stories…

The Gone Saga. The Transformed Series. The Seaside Hunter Series. Author Stacy Claflin has entertained readers in a variety of genres, from suspense to paranormal to sweet romance. For the first time ever, you can get a taste of Claflin’s multi-genre talent all in one collection: Tiny Bites.

Tiny Bites is a compilation of short stories that can stand alone from their individual series. If you like vivid imagination, powerful heroines, and page-turning pace, then you’ll love Stacy Claflin’s multi-genre collection.

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The collection is over 70,000 words – the length of a good-sized novel. It includes:

  • 3 new Transformed short stories: The Volunteer, Eaten by Wolves, Returned
  • 3 new Seaside Hunters shorts: Seaside Beginnings, Seaside Memories, and Seaside Treasures
  • 3 new shorts from the Gone series: Research, Desperate, and A Very Dysfunctional Christmas
  • 1 new standalone short story: Monsters
  • 5 Already-published stories compiled into this set
  • Bonus Content! Character interviews, Deleted Scenes, “Best of” excerpts, and more!

Read Tiny Bites to start your snack-sized stories today!

The Transformed Series

The Transformed is a series of Paranormal Romances that cover a wide range of supernatural species, including (and certainly not limited to) vampires, werewolves, and witches. But that’s only the beginning. Throughout the series, you’ll meet many others that you’ve likely never heard of, such as the asrai, atcen, nokken, and many others. You’ll find romance, suspense, twists, turns, and much more.

A Long Time Coming
Separated from the love of Cliff’s life for decades, the reunion draws near. Will she remember him? Will his love for her continue to burn bright?

The Orders
Mattie must choose between the little girl she cares for and her flesh-and-blood children. Can she find a way to save them both?

The Fielding
In a war-torn future, the elderly are sent off to die. When Alexis hears her parents are next, can she make it back in time to save them?

The Volunteer
The story of a human volunteer at the castle. They’re only ever mentioned in passing by the royalty, but now we can take a peek into the life of one.

Eaten by Wolves
Alexis is missing, and everyone insists—without emotion—that she was eaten by wolves. Tanner needs to get to the bottom of this… if it doesn’t drive him crazy first.

Natalie must learn to come to terms with the terror of having been abducted by vampires while not being able to discuss what she went through with anyone. Who would believe her story?

The Gone Series

The Gone saga is a series of psychological suspense thrillers. If you like haunting characters and an intense mystery, then you’ll love the compelling series that readers are calling “one of the best series to come along in a while.” The Gone series consists of the main trilogy and standalone stories based from side characters from the trilogy.

Chester Woodran is a man at the end of his rope. He’s lost everything, including his family. He wants to replace his daughter. This is the story of how he goes about finding a new one.

Macy Mercer has been bullied at school for years because of her weight. Now thin, her reputation remains. Lonely and desperate, she seeks approval online, but will it only make things worse?

A Very Dysfunctional Christmas
Macy’s family is barely surviving in the wake of her disappearance. Christmas only makes things worse. Will they ignore the holiday altogether, or manage to find some joy despite their worlds falling apart?

The Seaside Hunters

The Seaside Hunters is a series of standalone sweet contemporary romance novels set in the seaside town of Kittle Falls. These heartwarming stories are centered on the five Hunter brothers. The beautiful seaside town will make you want to visit… and stay! If you like chemistry, budding romance, and love in a quaint small town, then you’ll fall for these new short stories.

Seaside Beginnings
This is the story of Robert and Dawn, the five Hunter brothers’ parents. We meet them in each of the Seaside books, and they’ve grown on readers almost as much as the brothers themselves. Now we get a glimpse into their story.

Seaside Memories
Sophia is the youngest of the Hunter siblings. Each of her brothers hold her memory in a special place. Her story is one of first love, second chances, and enjoying life.

Seaside Treasures
Allen and Jackie’s story is of an unlikely love and healing old wounds.  They couldn’t be more different, but that could be exactly what they need.

Other Worlds

These stories are outside of any series I have written, so they can all be read on their own. Monsters and Terra Weaver are standalone short stories I wrote that don’t go with anything else. Missing Ivy is part of the Dream Engine world and was originally in a separate compilation.

Dex has grown up in a world where monsters are real. Or at least that’s what he’s been told for all of his young life. He’s determined to find out the truth… even if it kills him.

Newly added: Wanderers is the second part of Monsters.

Terra Weaver
Stella is one of the few who can travel from realm to realm. She’s in charge of certain worlds, though unseen by the residents. If anything goes wrong—it’s on her.

Missing Ivy
This is a story of love that crosses strong social classes. Ivy is the daughter of a rich and influential family and Christoph is a poor gypsy who travels from place to place. She has disappeared… and the rumors are nothing short of nightmarish.

Bonus Content

In this section, you’ll find character interviews, deleted scenes, excerpts from some of the best scenes, and other fun (or chilling!) extras to deepen the worlds you already love or introduce you to new ones.

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