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Dex: A Story of Thrills and Heart!

When Dex was just 11 years old, he lived in a safe community, but he always heard the scratching on the town walls and wondered if the monsters were real. One night, he snuck out – and couldn’t get back in!

He was left to fight for his life at such a young age. 

(All of this is in my short story Wanderers, which is available in my collection Tiny Bites).

Now we get to see what happened to Dex, in the novel named after him:

Somehow he managed to survive, and when we meet him in this novel, it’s 11 years later and he discovers that one of his beloved family members has been turned into a zombie.

Heartbroken, he decides to try and find his old hometown and see if anyone still lives there. But on the way, he discovers a whole new breed of zombies, a mysterious woman who is immune to their bites, and a houseful of strangers Dex is forced to trust if he is to survive…

This thrilling, edge-of-your-seat page-turner is also full of heart as Dex learns to trust others and face his own past.

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A world of mindless zombies. A lone traveler kills to stay alive. To survive a new threat, his only choices are trust or death…

Dex fears humans more than the hordes of wandering undead. After 11 years in survival mode, he’s learned how to fight the wandering killers. But humans are unpredictable, and in the chaotic ruins of civilization, one unplanned move can get you killed…

After an attack by the zombified version of a beloved family member, Dex resolves to travel back to his hometown. As he searches for surviving friends and family, he encounters a new breed of wanderer… less grotesque, but just as hungry for flesh…

To combat the new enemy, Dex must re-learn how to trust his fellow travelers. If he fails, he has no chance of reaching his hometown alive…

Dex is a post-apocalyptic zombie adventure with both thrills and heart. If you like tales of undead survival, compelling characters, and new twists on classic horror, then you’ll love Stacy Claflin’s edge-of-your-seat thriller.

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