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Fate can only be avoided for so long. Gessilyn’s time is up.

She has been living a quiet life pretending to be human for many years, but now she’s a witch on the run. Claudia, her old rival, has found her—and she wants Gessilyn dead.

If she’s to survive, Gessilyn must return to her roots and learn magic from a father she never knew. The power within her reveals itself to be stronger than anyone has ever seen, and Gessilyn finds herself more a risk to herself than anyone else is until she can learn to control it.

While needing to focus on all she has to learn, Gessilyn finds herself increasingly drawn to Killian, the handsome loner in her father’s coven. She tries to ignore her growing feelings, but they only intensify. Will she be able to hone her powers in time to defeat Claudia, or will Killian distract her and become her downfall?

**Sweet Desire is a standalone that connects the Transformed series with the Curse of the Moon series.**


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The moon’s glow on my skin tingled. Then it intensified to a near-burn. It shone full and bright. I gritted my teeth and ignored the discomfort. My pain indicated something more ominous coming.

Cawing from a murder of crows disrupted the quiet of the night. I shuddered at the irony of the group’s name because they announced ominous things to come. They circled the outline of the moon. It gave them an eerie glow. They grew louder.

“Is this a warning for me?”


Several woodland creatures scurried away.

Goosebumps formed on my arms and neck. I swept my long hair to the side and twisted it around my manicured nails. The moonlight made it seem especially blonde.

I took a deep breath and ran a finger along the skirt of my dress. “Do you have a message for me?”
The black scavengers flew erratically, completely blocking my view of the moon. Their cawing sounded more like screams. I wanted to cover my ears but refused myself the comfort. The noise became deafening.

I squatted to the ground, refusing to leave. I needed to figure out their message.

The birds dispersed and disappeared from sight as quickly as they’d appeared.

Gasping for breath, I stood and steadied my shaking arms. My heart thundered in my chest. I was no closer to understanding the message, but I had ways of finding out.


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