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Sell More Books Show (Self Publishing news and current events)

Smarter Artist (Bite-sized tips and tricks for indies)

Story Grid Podcast (How to write better stories)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Marketing Podcast (Great marketing advice for all indies)

Self Publishing Formula Podcast (Interviews & tips for authors of every level)

Self Publishing Podcast (All kinds of indie stuff – NSFW)

Author Strong Podcast (Great resource for beginners!)

Writership Podcast (Editing tips)

The Creative Penn Podcast (Interviews, inspiration, and information for indies)

Rocking Self Publishing (Interviews with successful indies)


How I Wrote 150k Words in a Month

Productivity for Authors

Can’t Write to Music? Try this.

Top 5 Tips & Myths of Self Publishing

Unique Ways to Find Character Names

Why You Aren’t Writing More…And What You Can Do About It

5 Tips for New Authors

5 Lessons Learned from NaNoWriMo

What Supernatural Taught Me About Self Publishing

Dismayed as a Writer?

How I Wrote 1/2-Million Words with a Day Job

Using Pinterest to Find Readers

My Beta Reader Questionnaire

I Finished my Novel, Now What?

Discipline or Creativity?


My interviews on writing and publishing, including how I went full-time.

Author Interviews

Writing Pins

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Online Writing Group

Writer’s Cafe on Kboards

Creating Paperbacks

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers



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