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Day Six: 150k in One Month #NaNoWriMo #My150NaNo


This is going to be a short one today. I’m on my way to making up for my lost words on Friday. I got 6,541 words today. After hardly sleeping last night, it’s amazing I got so many words in! I’m more exhausted now than I was this morning.

Another writing tip, adding onto the list I wrote yesterday. Take writing breaks! I don’t do the Pomodoro method some people follow (write 25 minutes, take 5 off) but I take breaks when they come naturally.

I find that my productivity is improved when I stretch during those breaks. Take a few minutes and stretch my arms and legs or whatever. It really does help. But (and this is probably a big “no kidding!”) going to email or Facebook has the opposite effect.

Okay, like I said, short one today.

Keep writing!

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